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The Host: A Novel
Author: Stephenie Meyer
The Host is a science fiction/romance novel by Stephenie Meyer. The novel introduces an alien race, called Souls, which takes over the Earth and its inhabitants. The book describes one Soul's predicament when the mind of its human host refuses to cooperate with her takeover. The Host was released on May 6, 2008 with an initial print run of 750,000 copies. An international version of the novel was released on April 2, 2008 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and Hong Kong by the UK publishing division. It was translated into Chinese, Dutch, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Hebrew and Danish among others. The prologue and the fourth chapter of the book can be found on Meyer's official website.
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Prologue: Inserted Chapter 1: Remembered Chapter 2: Overheard
Chapter 3: Resisted Chapter 4: Dreamed Chapter 5: Uncomforted
Chapter 6: Followed Chapter 7: Confronted Chapter 8: Loved
Chapter 9: Discovered Chapter 10: Turned Chapter 11: Dehydrated
Chapter 12: Failed Chapter 13: Sentenced Chapter 14: Disputed
Chapter 15: Guarded Chapter 16: Assigned Chapter 17: Visited
Chapter 18: Bored Chapter 19: Abandoned Chapter 20: Freed
Chapter 21: Named Chapter 22: Cracked Chapter 23: Confessed
Chapter 24: Tolerated Chapter 25: Compelled Chapter 26: Returned
Chapter 27: Undecided Chapter 28: Unenlightened Chapter 29: Betrayed
Chapter 30: Abbreviated Chapter 31: Needed Chapter 32: Ambushed
Chapter 33: Doubted Chapter 34: Buried Chapter 35: Tried
Chapter 36: Believed Chapter 37: Wanted Chapter 38: Touched
Chapter 39: Worried Chapter 40: Horrified Chapter 41: Vanished
Chapter 42: Forced Chapter 43: Frenzied Chapter 44: Healed
Chapter 45: Succeeded Chapter 46: Encircled Chapter 47: Employed
Chapter 48: Detained Chapter 49: Interrogated Chapter 50: Sacrificed
Chapter 51: Prepared Chapter 52: Separated Chapter 53: Condemned
Chapter 54: Forgotten Chapter 55: Attached Chapter 56: Welded
Chapter 57: Completed Chapter 58: Finished Chapter 59: Remembered
EPILOGUE. Continued
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